Spinning the Moon’s Credo

I try my best to source fiber with care and attention to quality. We examine every fleece I buy, taking time to skirt all fiber and ensure that there is low vegetable matter and little to no stinky bits in the fleece you receive.This is always done before we weigh and package it for sale- we do not believe in selling you anything we wouldn’t want in our fleece.

Some fibers may require washing or other handling as we minimally process what we sell. Lanolin will be common on our wool, but dirt and mud will not. For example, while I enjoy a clean fleece, I don’t like dry scratchy fiber, so you will never receive a chemically washed or ‘scoured’ fleece from me.

While breeds may change, one thing that will never change is our desire to provide you with quality fiber.

With all of my products, I will share the information with you so that you will end up with a product love and can spin nothing but joy and love into every yarn you create!

I PROMISE that you will love the fiber you purchase!

If you receive a fleece that is misrepresented, please return it INTACT (it must be returned as received with no loss in weight) within 7 days.

I keep my costs down by being honest in my dealings and sensitive to you the buyer. My reputation means everything to me.

SERVICES: We will find a fleece for you if you do not have the resources to find a reputable dealer.

If you do not spin, we will clean and spin the fiber for you. The yardage is dependent on the weight of the cleaned fleece (grease and dirt do weigh down the fleece), and the weight of the yarn that you want spun.

We require a 50% deposit before starting the work and you will be invoiced for the balance when the work is done. Approximate price is cost of the fleece + labor. Please contact us to discuss what you want. We will not contract a dirty fleece that you have purchased elsewhere. (quality in = quality out)